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Why Capstone?

Capstone Building & Remodeling
Capstone Building & Remodeling
Capstone Building & Remodeling

Building a new home is a big investment of both time and money, and who you choose to build your home is a big decision.  You’ll spend a lot of money - and a lot time - with your builder.  To us, there are three main concerns that you should have:


1.) What level of quality can I expect from my prospective builder?

Not all homes are created equal.  The materials used in the construction of your home and the capability, knowledge, and skill of the homebuilder and subcontractors who work on your home determines the quality of the home. 

We endeavor to use only the finest materials available - and because we belong to a multi-state construction material buying group, we can offer those high quality materials to you and still stay within your budget.  Among other things, we used a higher grade of subfloor to eliminate “cupping,” larger base moulding as our standard for aesthetic reasons, blown in cellulose insulation as opposed to lower-quality “batting,” and LVL’s over all windows and doors to help eliminate sticky windows and doors.  The skill of the craftsmen who work with us can best be judged by walking through one of our recently finished models, and we would be happy to set up an appointment with you to do that.  


2.) Can I trust my prospective builder?

Dependability.  Trustworthiness.  Honesty.  We use the word “integrity” as a catch all.  These are qualities that should be non-negotiable when it comes to your search for a builder.  However, trust is a hard thing to foster at the beginning of a relationship.  Usually, it’s built over the course of years, not weeks.  While we have worked with clients for over a year before signing a contract, more commonly people choose their builder within a few weeks of the initial meeting.  We spend those few weeks showing you why we enjoy the reputation for integrity that we do.  Integrity starts by keeping our word to you.  


We will be on time for meetings.  We will deliver our quote to you when we say we will.  Small things, and expected things, but important nonetheless.  Next, our quote will show you the cost associated with every input of your house - a separate line for framing material, a line for windows, a line for cabinetry, a line for trim labor, etc.  Then, we show you what our profit and overhead are going to be on your job.  Complete transparency.  We don’t hide anything from you.  It’s how we would want to be treated, so it’s how we treat our clients.  We do the same thing on change orders - which are an inevitable part of the building process.  Some builders mark change orders up 100% or more, or charge you hundreds of dollars for each minor change - even something as small as changing your paint colors!  Their thought process must be that their clients have already signed a contract and the house is already under construction, so because the client is a “captive audience” they can wring more money out of them.  We wouldn’t want someone to do that to us, so we don’t do that to our clients.  We’ll show you the cost difference, we will add our overhead and profit as it’s listed in our quote, and we will make the changes. That’s our policy. That’s integrity.

3.) How much experience does my prospective builder have?

Hire a builder with a long track record of building homes in this area.  We have a combined 40+ years of experience and have built hundreds of homes from Northern Indiana to Southern Michigan.  You don’t want someone to be “learning as they go” when building your home.  “Learning something new every day” is a great mantra for an individual to have, but you don’t want someone learning on the job when it comes to your house.  We think our clients prefer “been there, done that, problem solved before it existed.”  

An experienced builder also knows that communication is key.  Some builders act one way before a contract is signed and another way after.  That’s not how we do things.  We are ready, willing, and able to discuss your home at every step of the way, from design to final walkthrough.  We also offer our clients access to our cloud-based construction management software.  From the software our clients can communicate directly with us, monitor job progress, and receive regular progress pictures of their home during construction.  Our out of town clients especially like the progress pictures!

A Note About Price:

An experienced builder whom you can trust and a quality home are imperative, but if the cost to build is out of your budget, those attributes won’t matter.  The two cost inputs that a builder can control are the labor and the materials.  We build enough homes every year that we are receiving the lowest price possible from our subcontractors - which means you don’t pay more for labor than you have to.  Through our membership in a multi-state construction material buying group, we can provide your windows, trim, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, kitchen and bath cabinetry, and more at a substantially reduced cost to you.  This means that we can offer a lower overall price to you - lower than our competitors.  We also guarantee our pricing, which means that when you sign a contract with us, you can rest assured that you won’t pay more (barring any changes you make, of course!) than that contracted price.  


Quality, Integrity, and Experience.  These are the most important things to keep in mind when evaluating your prospective homebuilder.  We think that if you meet with us, you’ll see what hundreds of clients have seen before: The right choice for you.

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